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The River Nile plays host to a variety of fish including tilapia, the famous Nile perch, yellow fish (barbel) and catfish amongs…t others. Some Nile perch caught here have been recorded at more than 220 pounds/ 100 kgs. Fishing, mostly done from the riverbank or from a boat at the base of the falls area, is generally done over a few days and can be very exciting for the keen angler, and even a novice. We endorse a strict catch and release policy to protect and conserve fish populations.

Historically Chobe Safari Lodge’s reputation was based on the location being a haven to the global angler. Following an era of the site being totally undisturbed, this part of the river once again offers a challenge to the sporting angler and indeed the Lodge’s resident specialist angler has already often caught Nile Perch exceeding 80 kgs – making Chobe one of the best locations for fishing in Africa.

The lodge has boats solely designed for fishing and our guides will show you the best fishing spots to guarantee a catch! Tight lines!

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